About Us

Brea Cabs Limited is a fully registered Company. The Company was registered in 2010 with the objective of providing quality reliable and efficient transport to both corporate and individual clients. The Company aims at providing tailor made transport and value added services to its customers.


Brea Cabs is a 24 hour service Company owned fully by Brea Cabs Limited. We operate a fleet of 50 clean comfortable cars handled by a team of experienced, friendly and motivated Staff who are happy to handle your transport needs / requirements.

Our vehicles are fitted with modern state of the art fleet management GPRS tracking devises and VHF radios to enable efficient management as well as real time planning. This doubles as security and monitoring tools that enable us locate exact position of the vehicles using the GPRS technology.

Our control room is manned 24 hours a day to ensure smooth operation and timely response. Calls coming in are recorded and acted on in the following manner.

  • When a call is received in the control room the details of the caller is taken, the time of the call and instructions of the call is also recorded i.e. point of pickup and drop-off.
  • Control room then dispatches a cab to the pick up point immediately with clear instructions.
  • The driver on arrival at pick up point alerts the control room who in turn calls the client to let them know the cab is ready and waiting outside.
  • Once the client is on board the driver radios the control room and states the destination having recorded the starting mileage.
  • Real time of the journey is then monitored through our GPS tracking device to ensure timely drive.
  • On reaching destination the driver radio control room and informs them of the drop off as well as the cost of the journey. Those clients on our credit / voucher system check off the vouchers at that point.



To Provide Safe, Reliable and Efficient Transport While Maintaining Professionalism At All Times


Our Head Offices is located at the Greenhouse Adams Arcade on the 2nd floor; where our Dispatch Control Room is based. The control room operates on a 24 hours basis to ensure our clients’ needs are met. In addition our vehicles have designated bays in the following locations for our customer’s convenience.

       -Upper Hill

       -Mombasa road                               


       -Ngong Road

       -Valley Arcade

       - Langata

 N.B Please note that we arrange to station a vehicle nearest to your location on request to facilitate prompt service to you. However we recommend that clients call our office well in advance for necessary transport arrangements to be put in place in a timely manner.